September 12, 2010

New Blog…

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Blue Flowers and Folly…. Just because. I think I’m merging this one and The Food Groove into this new one, full of food and home type of things. And me.

June 1, 2010


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Yes, with the obligatory dot-dot-dot. Here is my one tweet from today, which kinda sums it all up:

I might be bald (from pulling out hair) by the time this home buying process is over…

Post deleted due to better judgment.

May 29, 2010

Happy to you Sweetie…

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April 24, 2010

Getting a lil bit Excited Now…

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Well, we went to our new home inspection today. Everything looks as good as it looks. It’s in really great shape. It’s a mostly-brick ranch (D. loves brick), and it’s got a very cute, fenced-in backyard. Plenty of space for Puggles to romp and play. Oh, and for me to garden, too. :) There’s flower bed areas already there, and we know where our garden will be… It’s pretty much actually perfect for us. Everything is nicely-sized – the kitchen is big, the rooms are good, and there is closet space galore. A garage and a sweet storage shed for outdoorsy types of things. Even a barking dog next door to soon become Puggles’ nemesis. ;)

Very pleased… I say that I am cautiously, but very pleased. I only say cautiously because it’s not quite ours yet, but we are most definitely on our way. This evening, I was going through old magazines (cooking ones mostly) and tearing out pages that I wanted to keep. No need to haul over the whole stack of ’em. That is one of the few things I like about moving… the necessitated chance to cull through things and not bring what is not needed or not now used.

Anyway, I plan on starting to pack up things here bit by bit very soon… Pictures off walls and wrapped, knick-knacks packed (or paddy-whacked), old things tossed, clothes not worn donated or tossed, things stacked together awaiting a box…

Oh, and I have to say, we will have a most impressive crawl space. Me, I’m used to actually having a basement… must be an east coast thing. But, as odd as it may sound, I’m looking forward to going and checking out our new crawl space. It seems quite nice… I guess as far as those things go. Anyway, I’m excited. We are excited. Puggles will enjoy her own backyard. We will like having a garage. It’s something we knew was coming (we started last year but then things changed… another story), but now the time has come. Yay. Big yay. That’s the best I can say it for right now… ;)

February 24, 2010

Good Grief, Charlie Brown…

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It’s almost freaking March!  There’s been so much going on lately, it seems…  And there’s much more to come.  I’m not even sure where to start at this point (so maybe I won’t quite yet).  It’s a humpday Wednesday night, during what seems to be a particularly longish week.  It’s been a hurry-up-and-wait week at work, so I’m anticipating the waiting part to break… then I’ll be finishing up doing year-end 2009 stuff.  Followed by doing the first 2 months of 2010.  There’s not a lot at work that looks too good right now, so we shall see…  Of course, we’d like to be on our way to buying a house within a few months or so…  Again, we shall see…  That’s kind of a very brief synopsis of what’s going on right now.  There’s the updating of the resume in there as well…  Sigh.  I’m not particularly liking this unstability of my current job, but I’m figuring (right now) that I will be there until it ends…  And if it picks up again (which it may, maybe?), then all the better…  Arghy-sigh…

February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday…

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Well, Doggie is prepping and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hoping to have all things ready for kickoff time. I’ve got to put my Colts jersey on soon and get ready for the game! I’m hoping for a good game, but not too good. ;)

Here’s what’s on our menu:

  • Mushroom and Bacon Dip, with Crostini Slices (and Chips)
  • Turkey Meatballs in Alfredo Sauce, Sandwich-Style
  • Ribs – these are kind of a test, as our favorite ones were not available…        we shall see.
  • Oh, there’s a Colts Cake for dessert too

We’re not having anyone over for the game this year.  Mostly due to the fact that we would really like to actually watch the game.  Some of our potential guests aren’t football fans, and it’s going to be a football-focused evening here, so…  Go Colts!!

January 31, 2010

And There Went January…

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Whoosh! We brought in the new year (and my 40th birthday!) with a wonderful trip to San Diego. I loved feeling the warm sun on my face and I love simply being able to go outside and walk… We walked, ate, did a little bit of sightseeing, sat by the ocean, sat by the bay, nightlifed, visited with our friend, hiked, watched the ocean, played, relaxed, took it as we felt like it. I had an absolutely delicious, and beautiful, birthday cake from this local bakery… it was delightful! I’ll post some pics of things next time.

Then, we returned and attempted to get back into some semblance of our beloved routine. However, D’s work has been insanely crazy, family things happened, and we’ve kind of been out-of-whack lately. We were finally able to get haircuts today, which were much needed. Last week, I was able to bring Puggles for her much needed nail clipping. I also finally opened a new checking account at a smaller and more local bank… something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Hell, I even got started on taxes already. Just the mundane to-do lists of life, but getting those items crossed off was proving to be a bit challenging for a spell. I think we’re winding back into our more “normal” routine, knock on wood.

Spent yesterday with Pup, which was the first day this year that we’ve really done that with her. Got some lunch, traipsed through the bookstore, had some very yummy ice cream (which surprised me since it’s January, but it was darn good!), hung out, played some video games… Kinda the usual, but it’s good to get back to that usual. Although today we’re both sore and achy for no obvious reasons… Just getting old, I suppose. Super Bowl next weekend… Go Colts! Then, begrudgingly, our Sundays will be more open… ;)

December 31, 2009

I Promise to Flow…

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‘Nuff said…

December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Pics…

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This would be our Christmas Corner, with our little tree on top. We can’t put the presents out too soon, else the cat would end up in them. She is definitely a bow thief… Purple bows, in particular, we discovered this year. Our stockings, with any candy or edibles, have to be kept up, else Puggles would get into them. She’s done that before…

This would be Christmas Bear. He often ends up on the floor as the cat jumps on or off the end table. Decorating and such can be a challenge here…

We had a wonderful holiday weekend so far. Christmas Eve was spent with Doggie and I, being together and eventually opening our gifts. I very much enjoy doing it this way. Puggles was a helper for each and every gift that passed through our hands… She’s quite cute and amusing unwrapper. Christmas morning was quiet and spent baking some things for an afternoon dinner at Granny’s house. Today, Pup will be here, as it’s now her pile o’ presents under our tree.

My parents were out for a visit earlier this month and we celebrated Christmas with them then. I have to say, I very much like the sort of extended holiday this way vs. a more rushed and chaotic version. And tomorrow, tee-hee, football. ;)

December 20, 2009

To-Do List…

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I’d like to have a semi-quiet and relaxing Football Sunday tomorrow, but I think I’ve too much to do…  I also write this stuff out so I can cross it off my list…

  • Finish wrapping…  just a bit to go, and get most of the rest of it done
  • Laundry… typical Sunday task
  • 1-2 cards to write send
  • Clean… at least our room and the bathroom, maybe (and hopefully) more
  • Put on the new window stuff
  • Grocery shopping… probably
  • Make Macaroni and Cheese
  • Figure out what to have on Christmas Eve (and the following day or two) – relates to food and grocery shopping
  • Set up new phones
  • Set up new mouse
  • Check my football picks – that would go before watching football
  • Call Granny – check if we can bring anything for Christmas – call Mom and Dad J. – might relate to grocery shopping
  • Check weather – I need to start doing that daily, this time of year…
  • Find good Puggles pic to print and print ot
  • Do and print the other thing I have to print…

Yeah…  I’ve got a bit to do tomorrow…

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